Prenatal relaxation

Leisure activities during pregnancy

It is important for mothers to remain relaxed and active during pregnancy. This helps them to have better physical and mental condition and so the baby remains healthy as well. Exercises help to keep fit and regular exercises are recommended by doctors too.

The leisure activities that pregnant women could try are sports activities, weekend outings and family picnics. Indoor leisure activities are reading books, listening to music and watching movies.

Listening to music

Researchers have carried out various studies on pregnant women to find out the effects of music on the unborn babies. Results show, unborn babies who were exposed to music while in the womb show a significant improvement in their overall mental, cognizant, behavioral, sensory, psychological and emotional development as compared to those who were not exposed to any music while they were in the womb.


The type of music you listen to depends largely on your personality & mood. There is no rule that you should only listen to a particular type of music while you are pregnant. But it’s better to avoid from loud music. Exposing your unborn baby to very loud music is said to be risky as it could lead to premature birth.

Outings during pregnancy

It is possible to travel by air during pregnancy, getting prior notice from the doctor that relaxthere no risk of premature birth. While travelling by air, pregnant women should take enough fluid, take a walk around every hour so that thrombosis is prevented. If the journey is longer, then in between breaks must be taken.

It’s better to avoid hot climates during holidays otherwise it could cause extra strain for the blood circulation.

Reading during pregnancy

Babies can recognize their mother’s voice in the womb, so why don’t you read aloud while you’re pregnant? And when your baby arrives, reading to your newborn is a must. The baby won’t understand your words, but hearing your voice stimulates an interest in sounds and helps him develop listening skills, promotes language development, babyconcentration skills and information synthesis

After 10 months she’ll also start to hear sounds from the outside world. Hearing your voice while she’s still in the womb helps your baby feel attached to you quickly once she’s born.


What you should read?

From the beginning, your baby can pick up the rhythm and tone of the sentences and will respond to how the mother responds to whatever she reads. Selecting soothing, lighthearted and fun reading material is the best way to entertain your baby during pregnancy, and children’s books are a good resource for short stories that may benefit both the mother and the infant.


Also, its important to you to be knowledgeable so here are some books that recommended for read

  • How can reading books help you during pregnancy
  • Books With Pregnancy Humor
  • Pregnancy Books For Dads
  • Books On Pregnancy Health
  • Diet And Nutrition Books On Pregnancy
  • Pregnancy Books On Development
  • Pregnancy Journals
  • Pregnancy Books On Yoga And Ayurveda
  • Pregnancy Fact Books


Many people will advise you during the pregnancy period but before listening to other it’s trying yourself. For that, the best method will be reading books. You can gather information about what to do and what not to do. Above books will give you full knowledge about pregnancy period regarding things.



Ms. Leshani Samaradiwakara is a recent graduate with a BA in Economics and a minor in Psychology and Sociology. She is currently working as a Business Entrepreneur in MAS Holdings. In her role as a Business Entrepreneur, she explores new trends in the apparel industry, studies the consumer behavior and conducts market research, especially in the area of women health & wellness. She is a enthusiastic individual who is interested in discovering new places, traveling the world, exploring new cultures and meeting new people.




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