It’s all about being comfy


Most of you may not know the importance of maternity bras & underwear. During your period you may wear different underwear, same goes for during your pregnancy. It’s important to change your under garments during your pregnancy, so your body is comfortable during your pregnancy.

Maternity Bras

We have divided your difficulties in pregnancy period in to 3 main pain points such as growing breast, leaking breast and nursing.

Growing breast

In 1st and 2nd trimester your breast will grow 1-2 cup sizes and in average size women, the breast will increase in two pounds. Therefore, you need more adjustability, support and coverage from the bra on this period.

So, the perfect bra for growing breast should have some special features than a normal bra. It should be more adjustable with extra hook and eye and adjustable straps.


The bra should have good support that comes from wider straps, from the cup or the material of the bra. The support can be taken from underwire also, but it could be uncomfortable also. So, using a wired bra depend on your choice because for some mom’s support will be more important than the uncomfortability of the wire.

Coverage plays major roll while your breast grows. When your breast grows the coverage coming from the bra should be good. Because it will affect to the support. Therefore, most of the maternity bras come with full or medium coverage.

 Leaking breast

Leaking breast can be in Prenatally and postnatally. You will not be happy with wet uncomfortable feeling, bad odors and itchiness that you have to face through leaking breast.

Therefore, the maternity bras have specially treated chemically to be anti-odor and anti-bacterially and the bras are made out of specials material which have good absorptivity.

Specially the material should have a good moisture management to make the bra on dry all the time. There are some technologies like leakproof materials and cups used in maternity bras. If your bra couldn’t cover the leakages, wet patches will be visible through your cloths and I’m sure it is embarrassing. A good maternity bra can solve all your problems.



Nursing plays the major roll after your delivery. Therefore, you’ll need more support, coverage and versatility. So, the maternity bra should have easy access to feed your baby. Depending on the design, there are several opening types like pull a side, front openings, upper opening. From a normal bra you’ll never nurse your baby such an easily way.

If you had to feed in public your maternity bra will help you a lot. In that case the bra should be well covered.

It’s better if maternity bra is versatile. Because most of the time you have to wear the same bra for work, gym and feed your baby. If you can use the same bra for all these occasions It would be an added advantage.

Also, there are pumping bras, if you want to pump your milk easily, you can use them. The pumping bras have special opening with easy access to pump your milk and collect them in to the bottles.

Importance of a maternity panty

download (1)

Let’s see what are the difficulties you’ll face in this period regarding panties. So, the virginal discharges and the urinary leakages are the main pain points that we have recognized.

As solutions for those pain points, good maternity panties have made from well absorbed materials with chemically treated anti-odor and anti-bacterially to avoid bad odors and some bacterial infections.

images (1)

It should be stretch and adjustable with your growing belly so there is no harm to your baby. You can choose high waist or low waist under your comfortability. Because sometimes doctors may advice you to go for under the bump in last time period of your pregnancy.

There are some maternity panties which has been made out for recover from your delivery, specially when you have C-section delivery. Some maternity panties will help you to take your body shape back and make you more comfortable.

When we consider about the composition of the materials in maternity underwear, most of you may prefer 100% cotton. Because cotton is very comfortable. But when we look at the durability with all the pain points you have to face, 100% cotton is not much durable. So, you can choose the underwear which has been made from combination of cotton and other synthetic materials such as spandex, nylon, polyamide. But the percentage of cotton should be high.

So, select your maternity underwear with a good idea, make your pregnancy more comfortable and happy.


Mrs. Ruwandi Fernando is reading for MPhil / PhD program in Physics and currently working as a Technology Entrepreneur in MAS Holdings. In her role as a Technology Entrepreneur, she explores new trends in the maternal apparel space, sustainable products, new technology trends that can be applied to the apparel sector. She is a mother of a newborn who is interested in Kandyan dancing, playing sports, working out, mentoring teenagers, lecturing during her leisure time.



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