Make bond with your baby – During the pregnancy


What will your baby be like? Will she have mom’s nonstop need for activity? Dad’s sense of humor? Grandpa’s short temper? Wondering about what your future baby might be like during pregnancy helps you feel connected. These “images” are a normal and healthy part of pregnancy.

First, sit on a comfy chair, set both feet on the ground, and form an image of what your baby looks like inside of you.

A picture of your baby’s scan on your phone or on your fridge door is a constantly remind that your bump is home to a little person.

You can take 3D or a 4D pictures. These scans can give you a clear view of your baby’s features. You may even be able to tell whose nose she’s inherited.

The best period to take this scan is in between 26 weeks to 30 weeks.

Make some quiet moments during your pregnancy to get to know your baby. The time you spend now helps you bond and connect as parent, child, and brand-new family.

Talk to your baby


It’s not silly to talk, read, and sing to your baby before he’s born.

Between 18 and 22 weeks, your baby’s ears are developing and by 30 weeks, your baby may be able to hear and remember language. This means your little one is taking in the sounds around him, including your voice.

So, talk, sing, and read to your baby are great ways to connect.

You can put your head set on your bump and let her to listen to your favorite songs but be careful! Don’t give her very noisy and rush music, give her very calm and slow music to listen.

Start with your day by Saying Hi in the morning and good-night before you go to sleep, and chat about your day in between. It will be fun parts of being a parent.

Enjoy having chat with your bump.

React to your baby

Around 20 weeks your baby may start to kick and turn. The first move that you feel from your baby will be the most exiting moment of your pregnancy.

From her movements you can communicate with your baby. When she kicks you can give a little touch and see whether she’ll reply back by kicking. And when she turns you can rub your bump and let her know that you’re with her.

Get dad involved

You’re not the only one who wants to make the bond with your baby. Dad to be is also would like to connect with your baby before she come to this world.Picture1

You may be reminded that you’re pregnant by all the pregnancy symptoms you have to face. But until your baby is born, there is no such an experience for dad to be about the baby. Don’t worry there are plenty of ways that dad can make bond with your baby, before she comes.

After 30 weeks let him to talk with your tummy. This may help baby to recognize dad’s voice after the birth.

Also let him feel the movement of the baby.

Encourage your partner to attend prenatal classes with you, so he knows what to expect during labor and birth.

Parenting is a team work; these things will help you to get to know each other more and remember you’re in this pregnancy together.


Leshani Samaradiwakara is a recent graduate with a BA in Economics and a minor in Psychology and Sociology. She is currently working as a Business Entrepreneur in MAS Holdings. In her role as a Business Entrepreneur, she explores new trends in the apparel industry, studies the consumer behaviour and conducts market research, especially in the area of women health & wellness. She is a enthusiastic individual who is interested in discovering new places, traveling the world, exploring new cultures and meeting new people.


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