Teen Pregnancy


To be honest been pregnant in teen age is a big challenge and it’s not going to be easy on you.

Women are able to give birth as soon as they begin menstruating but there are some possible risks when you have a child early on in your teen years. These things are not guaranteed to happen, but it’s good to talk to your doctor, if any concerning signs or symptoms for your body.


Here are some risks if you get pregnant before age 15.

  • Low birth weight (premature birth)
  • Low iron levels (anemia)
  • High blood pressure/pregnancy induced hypertension, PIH (can lead to preeclampsia)
  • A higher rate of infant mortality (death)
  • Possible greater risk of baby’s head is wider than the pelvic opening (cephalopelvic disproportion)


Being a teenager and finding out you are pregnant unexpectedly, can put enormous stress on a young woman and her family. However, once the pregnancy is confirmed the important thing is to support the young woman and to help her to make the wisest choice for her at this time.

There are 4 options to be taken if your pregnant

  • continue the pregnancy and raise your child with a partner
  • continue the pregnancy and raise your child on your own
  • continue the pregnancy followed by adoption
  • end the pregnancy (termination).

The law is different in each state around how you go about getting an abortion and the age at which you are allowed to make your own decision, without your parents. Speak to your doctor about this. If you decide to have an abortion, you usually need to have it before you are 12 weeks pregnant. About 50% of young women under 20 years old have an abortion if they become pregnant.

Before you take a decision, there are few things that you should think like your relationships, responsibilities and future plans.

If you decided to continue the pregnancy, congrats!!



Do you have support from family or a partner?

Can you work things out through the tough times?

Going through a teen pregnancy with your boyfriend can get tricky. It’s likely both his and your first experience with pregnancy, and if you are early in your relationship, you may not already have a solid foundation to fall back on. If you’re still learning basic


Things about each other will make more confusing while you’re pregnant.

Instead of keeping these thoughts inside and allowing them to grow and bother you, talk to someone you trust, and after taking the time to think things through, talk to your boyfriend. When talking to your boyfriend, don’t be sound like you’re accusing him of anything; that will just put him on defense.


Mood swings can cause tension in any relationship, and it’s made worse when you feel that you can’t control it. This emotional rollercoaster is fairly normal during any teen pregnancy, but your friends and boyfriend may never have been close to someone who was pregnant; they may not know what to expect. It might be a good idea to have conversations with your friends, family, and/or boyfriend and let them know that these mood swings may happen occasionally and give them tips on how to bring you back to normal




Your parents may experience shock, disappointment, anxiety, anger and sometimes a sense of guilt or responsibility, because they know how responsible, hard and how much affect it to your life.

Some of the choices available could go against parents’ values. If their daughter does not tell them for a long time, they may feel great disappointment in that she feared their response so much.

They may be concerned about what friends and other family members think.

Major life events do not just disappear, and whatever the decision, there may be doubts and sadness for some time.

Also, find some activities that help keep you even-tempered like include a warm bath with music, meditation, slow breathing exercises, going for a walk.  A teen pregnancy is hard enough, you need time to think, rejuvenate, and plan.


Mrs. Ruwandi Fernando is reading for MPhil / PhD program in Physics and currently working as a Technology Entrepreneur in MAS Holdings. In her role as a Technology Entrepreneur, she explores new trends in the maternal apparel space, sustainable products, new technology trends that can be applied to the apparel sector. She is a mother of a newborn who is interested in Kandyan dancing, playing sports, working out, mentoring teenagers, lecturing during her leisure time.


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